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Book three of The Vampires of Crimson Cove series

Something is coming.

Cade Colter is dealing with a group of fanatical vampire killers even as he grieves the death of his girlfriend at the fangs of his own brother. His life is in turmoil and just when it seems things couldn’t get worse a new evil comes to town.


The Woman in Black is back.

Now, something else roams the streets of Crimson Cove - something far deadlier than any vampire. She comes with the fog, she comes with the night, and she’s spreading a lethal poison that slowly rots her victims from the inside out … and she’s looking for Cade.


Sooner or later, you’ll see her, too.

First comes the deadly low hum of a thousand black wasps …

Then a feeling of dread so deep and cold that you dare not breathe ...

A figure, a woman dressed in old-fashioned widow’s weeds, appears before you …


Don’t Scream.

She wants to know your terror. She wants to taste your pain.




The Crimson Corset” is a good read. There is a colorful cast of characters, a clever plot, and an intricate structure … there are surprises and jumps and starts, sex and death, beauty and gore, something for everyone … if you’re looking for set-up and payoff, this novel will not disappoint.”



“This drop-deadly tale of seduction and terror will leave you begging to be fanged … ”

- Tamara Thorne, international bestselling author of HAUNTED and MOONFALL

“I couldn’t put this book down. It’s got more hooks than a day boat out of San Pedro Harbor!”

- QL Pearce, bestselling author of SCARY STORIES FOR SLEEP-OVERS


“Alistair Cross’ new novel THE CRIMSON CORSET … is taut and elegantly written taking us into the realms where the erotic and the horrific meet. Reminiscent of the work of Sheridan Le Fanu (CARMILLA, UNCLE SILAS) in its hothouse, almost Victorian intensity, it tells a multi-leveled story of misalliance and mixed motives. The language is darkly lyrical, and the tale is compelling. Read it; you'll be glad you did.”

- Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, author of the SAINT-GERMAIN CYCLE