Notes and Acknowledgements

This website was designed by Mike Rivera and hosted by i4 Solutions. It is maintained by Berlin Malcom. Alistair gives his thanks to:

  • Mike Rivera, for his hard work and his unique and accurate vision.
  • Berlin Malcom, for her work on my website, and for handling my marketing, mail, and various business dealings.
  • Zeb Jenkins, for the great concepts and the time he put into this.
  • Jon Deem, for stepping up to help out. It was great meeting you.
  • Lily Cavanaugh, for doing such great research so I don't have to.
  • Andrew Harderson, for the good times and the hard work.
  • I4 Solutions, for giving me such a wonderful website.

"Lilith," the Alistair Cross trademark 'AC' black widow, designed by Jon Deem and Mike Rivera.

Many of the photographs are by Heather Anderson.

Window photograph on the poetry page taken by Alistair Cross at The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO., 2013.

Cover art for THE CLIFFHOUSE HAUNTING by Elderlemon Design. Cover art for The Ghosts of Ravencrest and promotional e-posters by Glass Apple.

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  • Alistair Cross
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  • Tamara Thorne
  • Glittica Photography
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