photos of Alistair Cross
  1. Self-Portrait

  2. Alistair, 2016

  3. Alistair

  4. Alistair, 2016

  5. Alistair's HWA Horror Selfie

  6. Alistair goofing off with the late, great Gypsy

  7. Alistair and Heather, 1997

  8. Andrew and Alistair, rocking their hats

  9. Alistair and Joe Hill

  10. Alistair and friend, Debby, circa 1992

  11. Alistair's co-author, Tamara Thorne, with Lara Parker, of the original Dark Shadows

  12. Left to right: Alistair's co-author, Tamara Thorne, horror novelist and friend, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Amber Benson of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  13. Alistair's cat, Pawpurrazzi, aka Stalker Kitty, sneaking around

  14. Sven and Pawpurrazzi taking a nap.

  15. Pawpurrazzi, also known as the Stalker Kitty, playing with herself

  16. Pawpi's Eyes

  17. Pawpurrazzi in the window

  18. Pawpurrazzi and Alistair

  19. Pawpurrazzi

  20. Pawpurrazzi

  21. Alistair hanging out

  22. Promo Pic

  23. Promo Pic1

  24. Promo Pic2

  25. Promo Pic3