Interview with a vampire

Interview with Gretchen VanTreese


Tell me a little about yourself?

I was born in Sweden, in 1660, where I lived a life of utter boredom until 1679 when my mother, who’d been unhappy with the country since the end of Queen Christina’s reign, took me to Rome where we began new lives. That same year, Mother and I were attacked by a vampire - and we were both turned. I don’t know anything about him except that he was a traveling tradesman.

Where do you live?

Mother and I moved to America in 1779 and traveled quite a lot, but after Mother’s … demise, I settled in the area that is now known as Crimson Cove, California. In 1912, I purchased the nightclub I call The Crimson Corset and have lived there since then with several followers of my own. I’d been outcast by Mother’s group, you see. She had her own band of Loyals who shared her philosophy that vampires should live invisibly among humans. In short, she wanted us to cower to them. I disagreed, and her little group didn’t take kindly to it when I killed her. She had no spine. So … let the punishment fit the crime, I say. (Evil grin)

Who is the most important person in your life?

(Sighs) It’s a sad existence indeed when the most important person in my life is a damned human, but currently, that is the unfortunate truth. There is a young man named Cade Colter who recently moved to Crimson Cove. He has a very special ... talent; something that would secure me in a position of ultimate power. He’s become very important to me. 

What was your childhood like?

Until I was given immortal life, my existence was dull and unremarkable. I was raised by a woman with no understanding of her own capabilities, or mine. I had no father and know nothing about the man with whom my mother procreated. Surely, he was a great man because I certainly didn’t get anything of value from Mommy Dearest.

Of all the people you've met, who would you LEAST like to be stuck in an elevator with?

Ethan Hunter, Crimson Cove’s very own sheriff. He’s such a tedious man, always showing up where he doesn’t belong. Of course, if I were stuck in an elevator with him, I suppose that would give me the opportunity to see what kind of mettle he’s really made of ...

What is the most important thing in your life? What do you value most?

My legacy. I was born for greatness, and finally, after all these years, it is within my grasp. 

What is your biggest fear?

Silly human. I don’t acknowledge fear and I certainly don’t invite it in for tea. Fear is the height of weakness. It’s an illusion - an excuse to take the easy road.

What is the most important thing that ever happened to you? Why?

Cade Colter’s recent move to Crimson Cove, because he carries the very key to my destiny. It’s only a matter of time before I get my hands on him, and what is time to vampire, after all? I can wait. 

Do you have any special talents or abilities?

I doubt very much that you’d like me to sully your blog and offend your readers with an in-depth account of my talents, but I assure you, I have plenty.  

How do you see your future?

Oh, you should see it! (clasps hands together) It will be wonderful!

If you could spend the day with someone you admire (living or dead or imaginary), who would you pick?

I wouldn’t mind an evening with Jim Morrison. (Raises eyebrow) Again. 

If you had a free day with no responsibilities, how would you spend it?

In my very limited free time, I like being pampered by Scythe, my guard. If you want to talk about special talents, I could spend hours pontificating the ways in which he pleases me. But again … it would be inappropriate to discuss here. Let’s just say that the real  “Vlad the Impaler” has nothing on my favorite pet, Scythe.

Where can we find out more about you? 

I’ve heard rumors that some half-witted human has written a book about the recent events in Crimson Cove called The Crimson Corset. Really, it was just a matter of time before someone wrote a book about me, and I suppose I should be flattered, but I haven’t even read it. I only hope he didn’t leave out the story behind the real crimson corset - the one I’m wearing now. (Runs fingers across her corset’s ribbing) There’s a hell of a tale behind this garment ...