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The Ghosts of Ravencrest #7: Danse Macabre 


House of Fear 

Even as governess Belinda Moorland and her handsome employer, Eric Manning, grow closer, she is haunted by her own past  - and Ravencrest’s. From the screams in the shadowed blackness of the indoor pool to the horrifying face of a scarecrow in the garden and the nightly messages from the dead, the darkness is all around her … 


Ravencrest has Plans of Its Own 

But the real horror awaits inside the manor when a delightful day turns deadly with an unwelcome appearance by Belinda’s overbearing mother. Rhonda Moorland is convinced that Eric is holding her daughter at Ravencrest against her will and she intends to do something about it. 


Witchcraft Gone Wrong 

But nothing at Ravencrest is as it appears and when Cordelia Heller casts a spell meant to frighten Belinda, she gets more than she bargained for. Cordelia knows witchcraft - and she knows that something has gone terribly, terribly wrong. 

The Ghosts of Ravencrest is a serialized horror novel. New installments are scheduled to be released every four to six weeks.


"Scary and scandalous! The Ghosts of Ravencrest by Tamara Thorne and Alistair Cross will leaving you shivering with excitement and terror as the innocent Belinda breaks free of a minimum-wage hell hole only to move into a sprawling Gothic estate where her body becomes the focal point of a mysterious specter. Out of the pan and into the fire? Only time will tell." 

-William Malmborg, author of Jimmy and Text Message.