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The Ghosts of Ravencrest #2: Awakening;

New governess Belinda Moorland is still settling in at Ravencrest Manor, but she is already finding out more about mysterious butler Grant Phister, the wicked Mrs. Heller, and some of the other inhabitants of the house, both living and dead. There are more secrets than ever waiting within the walls of Ravencrest, but Belinda has one final requirement to meet before she can get down to work: She must pass her physical examination - and it will prove to be far more intimate than anything in her wildest dreams - or her darkest nightmares. Will she get through her day at Ravencrest intact?

The Ghosts of Ravencrest is a serialized horror novel. New installments are scheduled to be released every four to six weeks.

"Scary and scandalous! The Ghosts of Ravencrest by Tamara Thorne and Alistair Cross will leaving you shivering with excitement and terror as the innocent Belinda breaks free of a minimum-wage hell hole only to move into a sprawling Gothic estate where her body becomes the focal point of a mysterious specter. Out of the pan and into the fire? Only time will tell." 

-William Malmborg, author of Jimmy and Text Message.